built in 1997

Designed by award-winning architects Rachael Bourne and Shane Blue, Fishcakes is one of just a handful of homes overlooking the white sand cove of Seal Rocks. With seafront apex windows, 3 separate sleeping pavilions surround the private, wind protected internal courtyard.

 Indoor/outdoor flow is maintained via garage-style glass doors. The kitchen is understated and open with gas cooking, while a combustion fireplace adds nostalgia.

 The house strikes a balance with a connection to its landscape. It’s forever absorbing a changing view, interacting with nature and seasonality. Constructed to age gracefully from self-weathering materials, it could have been built yesterday.

From simple beginnings, the design inspiration comes partly from Balinese homes that have separate wings for sleeping, entertaining, and bathrooms. A unique position means the house is high enough to avoid distractions from the road. In the best corner of the beach, it’s protected from the wind and those mesmerising storms.

With no overlooking neighbours, the house only reveals itself once you walk up the stairs for that feeling of arrival. And that’s how you can leave the world behind for a few days.

At the far end of the beach, the house is on the cusp of the Sugarloaf Point lighthouse walk (a must, every time). Fishing and diving enthusiasts know the area well. For waves you have the point for friendly breakers, plus Lighthouse, Treachery or Yagon offering even more.

We look forward to your stay.